Core Values

Core Values


We are held and adhere to high moral and ethical principles, are of sound moral character, free from corrupting influence and / or motive and honest.


We are a group of diverse individuals united by a common duty, mission and service.  Our professional relationships transcend simply being “coworkers” we are family; and our success and / or failures are dependent on our commitment and unity.


We have a strong desire to alleviate the misfortune and suffering of those we serve and are empathetic in their time of need.


We are humbly proud of our personnel, our profession, our accomplishments and achievements.  We possess an “Esprit de Corps” and are proud of a “Job Well Done.”


We consistently strive for perfection in the execution of our duty.  


We are a progressive and modern Fire Department, yet we celebrate our heritage, honor those whom have served before us and are committed to preserving the history of the American fire service.


We are bold and determined in the face of great danger, courageous, brave, physically and mentally fit and prepared for duty.